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Places to visit nearby Pianettole
30 minutes by car, a stunning medieval town, not yet touched by mass tourism.    Piazza Grande the main square is in the heart of the city – its appearance is strictly medieval and unspoilt by buildings from later period.  Visit its numerous churches one of which boasts the famous Piero della Francesca fresco.  The first Sunday of each month an enormous antiques  market is held here that draws buyers and sellers from all over Italy.  Fascinating to see.  Wonderful shopping to suit all tastes along the main street “Corso Italia”. Don’t miss the tastiest ice-cream on the corner of Piazza Guido Monaco straight up from the railway station.Twice a year at the Festival of the 'Giostra’ del Saracino the whole town comes alive to the sound of drums and trumpets, Knights in Armour and Noble Ladies. Splendour, costumes, flag throwing and men in tights make this an enduring spectacle. Easy reached by local bus from Anghiari.
40 minutes by car, wonderful Etruscan hill top town with glorious views across the Chiana valley renowned for producing the much-prized" bistecca alla fiorentina".  ‘Under the Tuscan Sun’ by Francis Mayes was set here. The town of CASTIGLION FIORENTINO merits a stop along the way, as also does LAGO TRASIMENO.
1 hour 10 mins Florence is one of the best known cities in the world because of its history and the famous artworks it still contains. It is very easy to reach from the Castle. Take the road to Arezzo (20 mins) park your car there are the station and take the train (40 mins intercity). This way you can avoid any parking hassles. The city has an abundance of excellent restaurants and trattorie, the best of which often to be found in the side streets.
One of Italy's most visited towns and only 50 minutes by car, the town is well known, thanks to St. Francis, Italy’s premier saint and founder of the Franciscan order, and the amazing Basilica of St. Francis, one of the greatest monuments to 13th and 14th century Italian art. 
1 hour 20 mins away by car, Siena is presevered almost completely from its medieval days. is world famous as the location of the Palio held in July and August.  Siena’s great attraction is its cityscape, a majestic Gothic ensemble that can be enjoyed with out entering a single museum.  The great scallop shaped piazza il Campo is the loveliest of all Italian squares, where the Palio takes place.
40 mins away by car or take the slow train (1h 20) and enjoy the scenery of Italy’s ‘green heart’.  Umbria’s capital, though less famous than some of the smaller towns around, reveals a great deal of interest and style in its buzzing centre.  Umbria Jazz in July is its hippest contemporary music festival.  There are countless churches, palaces and fountained piazzas but take a break at one of the city’s chic cafès for a cappuccino a a ‘bacio perugino’. If you are here in October try to catch the magnificent chocolate festival.
20 mins by car, Monastery where St. Francis is said to have received the stigmata.  Set in a beautiful location the church has some of the best examples of Andrea della Robbia’s glazed terracotta artworks; a stunning Annunciation in the main church as well as an altar piece of the Assumption in the Cappella di Santa Maria degli Angeli./td>
20 mins - birthplace of Michelangelo Buonarroti (1475-1564) Visit the museum dedicated to this great sculptor.  Try one of the fabulous local restaurants that serve strictly Tuscan food in lavish  quantities at amazing prices.  Sunday lunch often comprises a 10 course(!) meal for around 25 euros.  Home made pasta with porcini muschrooms is the speciality.
60 minutes by car, the so called “City of Silence”, undiscovered for centuries, is a beautifully preserved medieval city, with funicular railway for panoramic views. Also renowned for its hand painted ceramicas, it has an abundance of small artisan shops not to mention great authentic restaurants and family run trattorie.
1,30 mins on the quick and straight E45 highway, a rewarding trip.  The Duomo is one of the greatest Gothic buildings in Italy.  Also renowned for its white wine.  TODI – can be included in the excursion.
1 hour 15 mins.  Sea side town of the Adriatic.  Splendid beaches attracting thousands of package tourists.  Lovely fish restaurants.
2 hours 30 minutes directly to the city centre by car (intercity fast train Rome-Arezzo 1hr 15 mins).  Rome has perhaps the most compelling fascination.  There is more to see here than any other city in the world
The patrician families who controlled the city built some 72 tower-houses as symbols of their wealth and power.  Only 14 have survived but San Gimignano has retained its feudal atmosphere and appearance.

(2hrs) centre of production of Barola wines, Brunello di Montalcino, reckoned by many to be the finest in Italy.  A 13th century fortress, it was the last of the Sienese commune to hold out against the Medici’s.  This trip can be combined with stops at a shopping outlet called Valdichiana Village - where you can pick up some great bargains.
(2 hrs) (a stage setting for Zeffirelli’s Romeo and Juliet and The English Patient).  MONTEPULCIANO, (2hrs)  another medieval town noted for its wines and offering many opportunities for tasting.
1, 30 mins hours by car towards the coast, the world’s smallest existing republic.  A small state entirely surrounded by Italy.  It has its own mint, own postage stamps and an army of a 1,000 men.
1hr 40, wonderful ducal city.  Centre of power in the middle ages.  Raphael was born here and worked for a time.  Piero della Francesca painted here under the patronage of the Duke of Montefeltro.  Visit the ducal palace and all the works of art.
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