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Getting to Pianettole from:  
Perugia Airport View on Google maps
Rome (Leonardo da Vinci Airport) View on Google maps
Pisa (Galileo Galilei Airport) View on Google maps
Bologna (Marconi Airport) View on Google maps

The above instructions will take you in Via Campo alla Fiera in Anghiari.

From this point you are very close to the Castle (about 1,5 miles).

Opposite the bar in Via Campo alla fiera take the road with signs for Pianettole/Upacchi and go straight down for half a mile.

At the bottom turn left and follow the brown sign for "Castello di Pianettole" , you'll see a couple of houses, don't go straight, but turn right and you will immediately see the sign for the Castle again. Climb the white road for 200 yards and you're done.

If you have any problems getting to the Castle please contact Mario, he will be pleased to meet you in Anghiari


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