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Some History

The Castle of Pianettole is rich in history, the castle is first mentioned in texts in the 11th century when it was given to the Camaldolesi by the Quintavalle of the Montauto Family.

In 1153, an agreement was reached between the Castle of Pianettole, Quintavalle and Vaglialle for the collective defense of the valley in conjunction with the Borgese of Sansepolcro against invaders.

In 1176, the Aretini Priesthood, negotiated an exchange the Castles of Pianettole and Vaglialia for the Castle of Topple to increase there fortification of the area.


On the 31st of May 1178, the order of Camaldoli decreed that Ugolino da Casciano become Viscount of Pianettole further enchancing the strategic position of the Valtiberina.

In the 14th Century, the Castle was owned by Tartati di Pietramala untill 1385 when it was assigned to the Medici of Florence who owned it until it was invaded by the village of Sansepolcro. The next record shows that the inhabitants of Pianettole in the year 1833 was 102 people.

In about the 16th century, the castle was owned by an Abbott named Testi and was used as a spiritual retreat. The Castle remained in his family untill it was purchased by its current owners who began its restoration in the 1960's.

During the second world war, the Castle was used as a base firstly by the German army and then by the English army and the Castle sustained substantial damage during this period. Now it is lovingly under going a new restoration process. We look forward to welcoming you .



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