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The village of Anghiari  

Five minutes away by car is Anghiari -  a stunning medieval village which dominates the entire Valtiberina.  The original nucleus of the town dates back to the 11th century when the Camaldolesi monks, who were greatly responsible for its economic and artistic development, helped to give the place its form.  It is especially well known for its art and music schools and expertise in antique restoration, furniture building and historic pottery making. Events of particular interest include the spring crafts faire, footrace and celebration of the Battle of Anghiari, 1440 (June 29), the summer music (London Symphonic in July) and theatre festivals. November sees the food festival, and the Scampanata is  held in May every five years (2010, 2015, etc.). There is a wide range of shops in town, including the world-famous fabric manufacturer, Busatti. There are amazing restaurants, banks, food and vegetable market (every Wednesday), butchers, hairdressers, an internet cafè, museums and galleries, and a number of excellent coffee shops.  Get incredible bargains at the outlet store of the local shoe factory.

Voted 'one of the most beautiful villages in Italy' by the ANCI (National Association of Italian Municipalities), it has also been awarded by Italian Touring Club the 'bandiera arancione' synonym of quality tourism and accommodation. The Upper Tiber Valley which Anghiari looks down upon has remained much as it was since the ancient Romans were using the sturdy oak trees of the zone to build their Empire.


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